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WEST COAST TRUCK PARTS OC cares about your safety and satisfaction. We have been keeping families safe for over 50 years & offer a 2 year unlimited miles warranty. If your’re looking to buy or sell used semi truck parts, give us a call at 714-224-1800 or fill out the form on the side bar

We are now an authorized Runsure facility.  Read More

We specialize in assisting customer with special orders and will go out of our way to find a a particular truck part to support our customers need. We will provide expertise in helping customers choose the appropriate accessories to suit their Truck Repair.

Our Maintenance Specialists are train to provide what the customer needs rather that what we want customers to have.

West Coast Truck Parts OC is committed to serving you, the customer, in every way possible. We have provided this easy-to-use online form to assist you in contacting us. Complete the form and a representative will contact you as soon as possible or Call or Visit us…


Truck Parts & Service:

Suspension and Drive Line Parts.

Berkeley Water Pumps and Parts.

Clutches and Flywheels.

Drive Line.

5 Gallon Oil Container Available.

Suspension parts and leaf springs.
Hydraulics- pto’s,pumps,tanks,and control valves (wet-kits).
Batteries 650 and 800 cold cranking amps.
Now cleaning and servicing DPF filters!



  • Goodyear Airbags.
  • Monroe Shocks plus ALL your suspension NEEDS!!!                                                                 Service Tip: Always replace shocks when replacing air springs. Always replace air springs and shock in pairs.
  • Hydraulic Pumps and PTO’s, tanks and control valves (wet-kits).
  • Popular End Dump Pumps Model #TKD64025AS by Truckraft. This pump is a direct mount air shifted dump pump rated at 29 GPM at 1200 RPM.
  • Eaton Fuller Transmissions ranging from mid-range to HEAVY DUTY!
  • We also offer a Large Line of Differentials Rebuilt Exchange.
  • Suspension parts and leaf springs.
  • Batteries 650 and 800 cold cranking amps.
  • Now cleaning and servicing DPF filters!
  • An authorized Horton Fan clutch rebuilder for all you engine cooling solutions
  • An authorized RUNSURE Dealer

Truck Parts & Service You can Trust


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Truck Parts & Service

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